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With over 17 years of professional ICT consulting experience, we solve problems, audit systems, make improvements and perform maintenance tasks. We have worked for international agencies, enterprise level clients, governments, micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses.

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Work Example

Beginning with their major online store, we traced performance issues back all the way to the client’s private data centre and a misconfigured private cloud. After several years of cash outlays to purchase high-end servers and network devices, the client had lowered their expectations about the cost-savings vs. the benefits of cloud computing. Then our VMWare® certified associate in data centre virtualization reviewed the system. Our client was surprised to learn several of the key features of cloud computing were not set up properly or just not leveraged at all.

We temporarily redistributed virtual machines to make hardware available for the new cloud, created the new cloud on the client’s existing hardware and successfully deployed new VMs to their new multi-server, VMWare® private cloud environment.

With a custom-tailored Linux operating system for this application, clear of previous configuration problems, we installed server-management software and moved the store into the new environment. With this stable foundation, we completed pending security related maintenance and configured high-end caching for a big performance boost.

Eventually, the client had to move out of their premises that housed the private cloud’s server racks. We consulted on options and decided to move everything into a custom-build cluster on the Google® Cloud, introducing high-availability and even more performance, while also load-balancing computation resources over multiple geographical regions. Careful planning and precision execution of that plan guaranteed a reliable change management without any downtime, nor any lost sales during the changeover.

Until today, we continue monitoring and maintaining this complex setup. We are more than happy to provide you with further references and examples of our work upon request.